A Cat Called Black

It’s actually Negro (SPA: neh-groh/IPA: ne-ɣɾo). That’s how we call him, for we don’t know his real name. I guess when animals are a little bit more on the wild side, they don’t need it, do they? A name.

It might be just a human thing. To call things “by their name”.

Either way. Negro. In english: Black. Makes more sense in spanish for some reason. Probably because we’ve also called by such color a stray dog that visited us a while back. He belonged to no one but was loved and fed by all.

This cat is a bit different though. He does have onwers or in my mind now, “human companions that provide shelter”. But he sleeps outside with two other cats of the same “family” and comes and goes as he sees fit. He gets roughed up loving and annoyingly by the dogs in the area. I think he knows if he wanted to he could totally win against any of them, so he just doesn’t care and let them play.

He’s absolutely chill.

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