NFT: Look at me.

– “Look at me hooman!” Said my cat.

Probably. As she stared at me with wide eyes.

I feel cats need no words and if they could utter them they would be in vain. Mine communicates everything with her demeanor and those big yellow eyes that don’t let go of me as I reach out to take my mobile, and she knows.

She knows my attention is about to be swept off by something way (WAY) more irrelevant than the furry feline sitting perfectly still in front of me. Waiting “patiently” for me to grab that tiny paper ball made out of the remnants of the receit we currently play with. I believe I can almost hear it: “look at me, hooman.”

So I take it. And we play. But if I get distracterd again, no -not if. When I get distracted again, I can feel her gaze upon me. And I know she’s saying it.

Look at me, hooman!

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