My Home, My Jungle

You can see her eyes set on her target. Unwavering. Her brain calculating the jump. Legs preparing for it, adjusting milimetrically to make it better this time. Her tail vibrates slightly. It’s the third time she tries it, but she doesn’t give up. It just doesn’t seem to be part of her vocabulary. It’s slightly…… Continue reading My Home, My Jungle

NFT: Neighbors

Set of stories of the NFT genesis collection launched by digital artist and textile designer Cristina Alvarez. @CristinaDraws

Under the Full Moon

Under the full moon the wild cat shines. It knows it is time. The changing of the seasons has come with heavy rains this time and winter has finally begun. It lives in a forest that, though near the cities, lies protected from all forms of contact with “human civilization”, as the oddly hairless bipeds…… Continue reading Under the Full Moon

NFT: Look at me.

– “Look at me hooman!” Said my cat. Probably. As she stared at me with wide eyes. I feel cats need no words and if they could utter them they would be in vain. Mine communicates everything with her demeanor and those big yellow eyes that don’t let go of me as I reach out…… Continue reading NFT: Look at me.

A Cat Called Black

It’s actually Negro. That’s how we call him, for we don’t know his real name. I guess when animals are a little bit more on the wild side, they don’t need it, do they? A name. It might be just a human thing. To call things “by their name”. Either way. Negro. In english: Black.…… Continue reading A Cat Called Black

NFT: Snapshots of a Quarantine

I’d been devoted to textile design and the exploration of my leathergoods brand for several years before the pandemic hit. When it did, and we were required to go into quarantine, a certain level of excitement was lit within me: This was a time to explore other facets of myself.